Reinvigorate nonviolence through an immersive experience with India’s culture


Our Movement


Our Inspiration

Sixty years ago, in 1959, when there was violence in America, Rev Martin Luther King Jr. had taken a five week journey to India to deepen his understanding of the nonviolence teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. That journey had made a profound impact on his leadership and vision. 

I left India more convinced than ever before that the method of nonviolent resistance is the most potent weapon available to people in their struggle for freedom and human dignity. As a result of the trip, my understanding of nonviolence is greater and my commitment deeper.
— -Rev Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Vision

We offer customized leadership development programs for America's civic leaders to experience and study India’s ancient culture and wisdom of nonviolence. Thereafter, we help participants to design innovative solutions to reinvigorate nonviolence in their communities.

  Empower individuals

 Build capacity to become stronger advocates of nonviolence in local communities.

 Transform cities And organizations

Enable leaders to implement innovative solutions and create safer neighborhoods.

Integrate global communities

Promote citizen diplomacy through cultural immersion and peace exchange


Our Approach

Supporting leaders to reinvigorate nonviolence from 'inspiration' to 'implementation'


Immersion and Inspiration

Participants travel across India to study India's ancient culture & wisdom of nonviolence. We also offer customized nonviolence training workshops in USA.


Insights and Implementation

Participants develop insights and implement new ideas that will promote
compassion and nonviolence in their communities and neighborhoods.


Monitor and Measure

Participants are supported to develop key metrics for measuring social impact and communicate the stories of social change.

Our Impact

Thus far, we have hosted several leaders from America including Mayors, police officers, victims of violence, social activists and former gang members. Their testimonials inspire us to continue our mission.

“After the trip, I truly understand what ahimsa (nonviolence) means. I am committed to bring the love that I experienced from India to America using my platform in law enforcement.”
— Lt. Lakesha Burton, (Jacksonville Police Department, Florida)
“I am going back from India, with such deep knowledge about the self. The meditation exercises have helped me release negative thoughts. There is an inner strength inside us.
We need to cultivate that.”
— Ron Davis, Father of Jordan Davis (Jacksonville, Florida)

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Gather your community together and let our film catalyze a meaningful conversation on how to reinvigorate nonviolence in our communities and neighborhoods.



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