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On Feb 12 2016, deeply pained by the recent events of senseless violence based on race, religion, gender and ethnicity that prevail in America (and the world), we decided to produce a documentary film that would help to reinvigorate our commitment to the nonviolence principles as taught to us by both Mahatma Gandhi and Rev Martin Luther King Jr.

Six Americans from varied backgrounds, who had all experienced violence, were inspired to come to India for a shared experience of healing and transformation during a 10 day trip to India (Mar 10-20, 2016). Through this pilgrimage, the group mirrored the intention behind the journey taken by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr when he had visited India in 1959 to deepen his understanding of the teachings of nonviolence of Mahatma Gandhi.

The group included - a single mother whose son was brutally murdered in a tragic school shooting (Sandy Hook, Connecticut), an ex-Mexican gang leader (Los Angeles), an educator (Newark, New Jersey), a heart transplant patient (Atlanta, Georgia), a social entrepreneur and a jazz musician (both Black Lives matter activists from Oakland, California).

The documentary film will capture the transformation experienced by these six individuals from their immersion in India's culture, traditions, environment, people and spiritual heritage during this trip. Their insights from this journey will inspire us to promote a culture of nonviolence and re-emphasize how it can solve the prevailing social issues, including the ongoing debate about guns.

Your financial support will help to cover the post production and distribution costs for making this documentary. All donations are tax deductible with fiscal sponsorship from the International Association for Human Values (a 501c3 non profit organization).

By choosing to support this film, you are also choosing to add your voice to promote a culture of love, peace and understanding for the future of our kids and families.


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