Transformational Policing

Today, violence happens anywhere, anytime and is not limited to our socio-economic status or a certain neighborhoods. An act of violence could be global terrorism, mass shooting, suicide, drug overdose, homicide, domestic abuse, etc. As first responders, police officers are not immune to the psychological impact that acts of violence can have on them, often affecting an officer’s mental health and well-being. It is vital that police officers prioritize self-care, maintain their mental health and improve their resilience so they can be mentally and physically healthy to meet the demands of the job and serve their community with pride.

In addition, the relationship between the police and the community is at a very critical point. On both sides, there is sometimes a perception of a disconnect and we need to find innovative ways to enable trusted relationships and promote greater public safety.

Recently, in partnership with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), we have delivered a masterclass on nonviolence for community members and police officers in South Central Los Angeles. The success from that effort has encouraged us to work with other police departments across the country.

We hope that you will feel inspired to reach out so we can work together and promote nonviolence in our cities and neighborhoods.

Training Program Content (5 consecutive sessions of 2 hours each):

  • What is India’s ancient philosophy of Ahimsa or nonviolence

  • How to practice nonviolence in personal and professional life?

    • Importance of self care and self compassion

    • Nature of the mind and how to overcome negative emotions

    • Profound breathing and meditation techniques

  • How to effectively promote nonviolence in our society?

    • Interactive processes to build capacity on socio-emotional learning, conflict resolution and how to build stronger interpersonal relationships

    • Independence v/s Interdependence

Expected Outcomes:

  • Deeper understanding and application of nonviolence (or Ahimsa)

  • Tool kit of profound breathing and meditation practices to improve health, and mental well-being

  • Improved leadership capacity to resolve conflict and build stronger interpersonal relationships


Testimonials from our work in LA (Apr-Aug 2018)


Asst. Chief Burke

Washington DC Police Department

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Capt. Pinto

Los Angeles Police Department

Listen to Testimonial



Dpty Chief Tingirides

Los Angeles Police Department

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