Mindful Policing

Today, in the United States, violence is a public health issue and is not limited to our socio-economic status or a certain neighborhoods. Violence happens anywhere, anytime - and includes mass shootings, suicides, domestic abuse, bullying, drugs, etc. Nearly sixty years after the Civil Rights movement led by Dr. King, the senseless violence still continues – Baltimore, Orlando, Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Oakland, Milwaukee – the list goes on.

As first responders, police officers are not immune to the psychological impact that acts of violence can have on them, often affecting an officer’s mental health and well-being. It is vital that police officers prioritize self-care, maintain their mental health and improve their resilience so they can be mentally and physically healthy to meet the demands of the job and serve their community with pride.

In addition, across the country, the relationship between local communities and the police is at a critical point. On both sides, there is a perception of a disconnect and hence the need to learn more effective ways of building trust and enhancing public safety and community policing.

Amidst the growing and senseless violence in America, you are invited to join a visionary delegation of police officers and other civic leaders from across United States who will travel to India from May 10-17, 2018. The delegation will focus on studying India’s ancient culture and peace traditions to explore solutions that can be implemented in America to stop the ongoing violence.

During the trip, we will mirror the intention behind the transformative journey that was undertaken by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., in 1959, when he went to India to deepen his understanding of nonviolence as used by Mahatma Gandhi.

Agenda & Schedule:

During the trip, we will:

  • Participate in a specially curated “nonviolence in action” workshop to deepen our understanding and commitment to nonviolence or “ahimsa” using profound meditation techniques
  • Participate in intimate conversations with India’s civic leaders representing various peace traditions
  • Interact with India's police to exchange strategies used for community policing
  • Brainstorm novel solutions to social challenges in your communities and neighborhoods

Expected Outcomes:

  • Deeper understanding of India’s ancient culture and nonviolence philosophy
  • Personal tool kit of profound meditation techniques to help reduce stress and improve mental health & wellbeing
  • Cross fertilization of ideas from discussions with India’s civic leaders and police officers
  • New strategies and innovative solutions to your specific social challenges/context


The subsidized cost for participation in the program will be: $2,500 per participant. This includes all expenses in India including nonviolence leadership training, accommodation, special meetings and all travel within India. The cost does not include international airfare to India, passport and visa fees and food during the trip.



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Asst. Chief Patrick Burke

DC Police Foundation

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Lt. Lakesha Burton

Jacksonville Police Department

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Lt. Jim Evenson

Rochester Police Department

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