So far, we have hosted three delegations of America's civic leaders to India including Mayors, police officers, social activists and victims of violence who are looking for new ways to bring peace and nonviolence back in their communities and neighborhoods.


Lt. Evenson and Mayor Brede presenting community Medal of Honor to From India With Love initiative

JAN 24 - 31, 2017

Reflecting on the trip, Mayor Brede (Rochester, MN) said, “Thanks for the great experience in India but more importantly thanks for the love that was shared. Tears have come from folks here at home when I have shared the stories." The delegation also had two senior police officers; Officer Burton from Jacksonville Police Department and Lt. Evenson from Rochester Police Department. Also on this delegation was Ron Davis whose son, Jordan, was brutally murdered few years ago at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. “What a wonderful pilgrimage for the soul. I continue to be transformed” said Ron Davis upon his return from India.

During the trip, the participants learnt the profound Sudarshan Kriya breathing meditation technique and also had an intimate interaction with Swami Chidanand Saraswati who guided the delegates on how to effectively deal with growing violence in America and how to develop compassion for all living beings (not just human beings).

Delegation with Pujya Chidanand Swamiji


Mayor Odom, Mayor Holmes, Mandar Apte, Mayor Avitabile at Gandhi's Sabarmati ashram

SEP 28 - OCT 4, 2016

Three US Mayors traveled to India on our second delegation and were guests of honor at the Sabarmati ashram on the occasion of the 147th birth anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi. Reflecting on the mission, Mayor Avitabile said “I am taking back new insights that will reinvigorate my personal energy and commitment to applying the principles of nonviolence.” Sadly, during the time period that the delegation was in India, over 350 people were killed and over 700 were injured only due to gun violence across America.


MARCH 10-20, 2016

Six Americans from diverse backgrounds embarked on an epic 10-day journey to India in March 2016. The group included: a single mother whose son was brutally murdered in a tragic school shooting (Sandy Hook, Connecticut) and her best friend, a former gang member (Los Angeles, California), an educator (Newark, New Jersey), a social entrepreneur and a music scholar (both advocates for the Movement for Black Lives from Oakland, California). A documentary film was produced on their transformational experience - please reach out to us if you are interested to host a screening in your city.