Mindful Leadership - a masterclass on nonviolence

Today, violence has become an epidemic in America and can affect everyone regardless of our social or economic status. Violence happens anywhere, anytime and is not just limited to mass shootings but also includes suicides, bullying, domestic abuse, drug overdose, etc.

We are looking at leaders, like you, to design innovative solutions that would restore hope and promote peace and nonviolence in our organizations, communities and neighborhoods.

Feel inspired to join an interactive and experiential masterclass on nonviolence (or Ahimsa) and learn how to be a strong voice to promote peace and nonviolence in personal and professional life.

Content (5 consecutive sessions of 2 hours):

  • What is India’s ancient philosophy of nonviolence or “Ahimsa”

  • How to effectively practice nonviolence in personal and professional life?

    • Importance of self care and self compassion

    • Nature of the mind and how to overcome negative emotions

    • Profound breathing and meditation techniques

  • How to effectively promote nonviolence in our society?

    • Inner peace & outer dynamism

    • Independence v/s Interdependence

Expected Outcomes:

  • Deeper understanding of India’s ancient culture and the wisdom of nonviolence (or Ahimsa)

  • Tool kit of proven meditation techniques to reduce stress and improve mental health & well-being

  • New strategies and innovative solutions to your specific leadership/social challenge

Please reach out using the form below to explore interest for this workshop in your city/organization.

We look forward to collaborating with you to raise the voice of peace and nonviolence.