Our Impact

Delegates who have participated on our programs have reported that they have: 

  • Deepened their understanding of and commitment to nonviolence

  • Learnt profound toolkit of meditation techniques and wisdom for enabling transformation

  • Improved leadership capacity to promote compassion and nonviolence in their community


Testimonials of Our Participants

Victims of Violence

“India has truly grounded me.
During the trip, I felt the most hope
since my personal tragedy because
there was so much love that I received here.”
— Scarlett Lewis, Mother of Jesse Lewis (Newtown, Connecticut)
“I am going back from India, with such deep knowledge about the self . The meditation exercises have helped me release negative thoughts. There is an inner strength inside us. We need to cultivate that .”
— Ron Davis, Father of Jordan Davis (Jacksonville, Florida)

Police Officers

“After the trip, I truly understand what ahimsa (nonviolence) means. I am committed to bring the love that I experienced from India to America
using my platform in law enforcement.”
— Lt. Lakesha Burton (Jacksonville,Florida)
“I feel very fortunate to have been able to visit India. I can see how the meditative breathing techniques that I learnt on this trip, can be life changing - personally and professionally.”
— Lt. Jim Evenson (Rochester, Minnesota)


“Violence is a challenge that we have
to overcome in America . I am leaving
India with the hope that love is
attainable and can be shared with all
our people including immigrants.
As Dr. King said, it is either
nonviolence or nonexistence.”
— Mayor Ardell Brede (Rochester,Minnesota)
“I am taking back with me new insights that will reinvigorate my personal energy and commitment to apply the principles of nonviolence in my leadership role.”
— Mayor Matthew Avitabile (Middleburg,New York)

Social Activists

“The revolution begins inside
each one of us.”
— Jason Quesada, Former gang member (Los Angeles , California)
“The trip to India was a moving
experience. It will be inspirational
for anyone who wants to move
society towards nonviolence and
— Dr. Angela Wellman, Music scholar (Oakland, California)